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History of the Association

Years ago retired bus drivers would come together under the leadership of a couple of ladies by the name of Delores Cain and Betty J. Moore.  They held annual parties to bring former coworkers together for yearly gatherings.  That spirit continued under the hands of Bessie King and her fashionable Hawaiian style Luau potluck, also held on an annual basis.  Now held the second Saturday in June.


With the Federal Law to ensure equal rights in the Los Angeles Unified School District, a massive hiring commenced in the late 1970's.  Then after a period of 30 years the bulk of the hirees begain retiring.  The present day Vice President of SBDA saw most of the people he started working with leaving, and felt if some effort was not made to maintain contact with those with whom he had worked with for so many years, all communication would be lost.  From such a fear the Coffee Break was born. 


The Coffee Break began as a weekly meeting because there is just too much time between yearly meetings that allows for ties to be broken.  Therefore it is this association's desire to form a chain that allows for continued contact and communication.


Then came along a lady who had worked most of her career in the Valley Area of L.A.U.S.D.  by the name of Linda Pogacnik, and she encouraged a reunion.  In an effort to pull in as many as could be contacted, a new annual reunion was born.  With the help of a few social genius' such as Betty J. Moore, Bessie King, Georgia Dickson, Linda Pogacnik and a host of others, a gala event was launched.


Shortly thereafter, Suanna Watford suggested a benevolence account should be started for people in dire situations, and so we are now on a quest, to fulfill the wishes and desires of those in our company to connect and to uphold.

Our Desire

Thanks to the increasing number of former bus drivers, the reunion was a huge success.  There was about 80 retired bus drivers and about 20 present day drivers in attendance last year.  We are hoping to double that number each year.

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