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  • Barbara Meshel (Friday, January 14 22 11:34 am EST)

    I rode bus 13 in 1971 from Lido beach ny to Sands Point acadamy. My drivers name was Sandy and on the way home she would stop at Carvel to get everyone ice cream. Those were some of the best times of my life

  • Chanel Tapper (Thursday, July 29 21 01:42 am EDT)

    On behalf of the Jamison family I want to say thank you for adding my grandfather, Maceo Jamison, to the site.

  • Kenny Walker (Wednesday, September 12 18 12:21 am EDT)

    Hi, I am trying to see if anyone may have known a driver named Albert Kaufman? He passed away in 2004 at 84 but drove for the LA Unified School District. I am hoping someone may have known him or know someone who can help me. Also, is there a way to find out what years someone worked for the district? my email is kennywalker@hotmail.com Thanks.

  • Patricia morales (Wednesday, July 25 18 07:28 am EDT)

    I started with Brock bus lines in 1976.My sister was working with associated.She didn't peruse it.Lucy trained me .John bensley was the owner.Went to associated Taylor Started with LAUSD in 1978.Went back to Brock bus lines 1981 10 years drove heavy 5 gear crown .Part time Star bus lines owner was Anthony Reyes.Drove 10 gear crown.Been with Lausd for 26 years.Going to retire 2021 3 more years.I am so ready

  • vond phipps (Friday, April 06 18 12:01 pm EDT)

    Came across this site by accident. Enjoyed reading the stories of how and why and whom inspired you to bc a Bus Driver. Some drivers I remembered and some are still here. Excellent site. Keep sharing, who knows you might inspired others. Thank you, Vonda Phipps@Gardena Bus Garage

  • Stephanie Almache (Thursday, January 04 18 02:44 pm EST)

    Honestly out of all my bus drivers through out my life there is one that had such an imoact on my life. Everyone respected him, he was so real with us about life. He'd tell us the story about how he got hurt on his chin. I was in elementary school. I actually just found a picture of him and was trying to look him up. Unfortunetly I only know him as Mr. Henry. Never got his last name or anything. Anyway Ill never forget him he was also very friendly with our parents. My parents always made sure we gave him a small gift on all the holidays.He made the trip from South Central to Lomita Magnet a plesant one. Shout out to all the bus drivers that actually care to make an impact on a youngins life!

  • Adrienne Clayton (Thursday, November 23 17 06:49 am EST)

    My favorite Bus Driver was Ms. Barbera Jones (BJ) she has a sister Pat(Tricia). They were some tough Sisters who didn't play. I took the late bus from Stephen White. Where is she now?? Would love to see her. My Dad is Jordan Clayton-Retired Supervisor/Driver Trainer..DoDaDoDa!!!!

  • p mendoza (Monday, November 02 15 09:12 pm EST)

    just watched movie straight outta compton where a young ice cube was transported aboard LAUSD BUS #3170 anybody know if this was true or not...

  • Michael Alexander (Monday, August 10 15 04:55 am EDT)

    !975 I became a Bus driver, for Associated Charter Bus Company, Vernon Yard, Vernon Ca. driving a Marlton Sp. Ed Bus, under ABS Sandy Samuel's,I upgrade to a crown trained by Sally Garret, the
    attained the nickname Captain Crown, by my friends, then they called me Cap for short,I drove for Mr. Rueben Torres,Mr.Tansel Pope, passed my board test,with Mr Issac, and Mr Huggin, first ABS was 4
    hr Fern,Flanagan,#3168 Mrs, Mary Smith Taft Hi#2221, Ms. Babara Wise Sutter Jr #3254, Mrs Barbra Mcmillian Monroe Hi#3254 Vera Champion Banning Hi# 2206,2203 Roy Jenson Crenshaw Hi#71, 6290, 6277,
    6371, Irene Uribe DBM, #6371, 6115, Bryon Johnson Granthi #6115 Retire.2006

  • Michael Alexander (Monday, August 10 15 04:16 am EDT)

    Back in 1978, I Victor Ranson, Michael Taylor(Spots)Wesley Thurley are responsible for the making of two Associated bus company yards, that is the Medford yard & the famous St.Andrews yard, prior
    to my coming to the District, Vernice Austin commission us turn old abandon truck yards into the yards most of you drove out of, we worked tirelessly to have the yards bulldozer, cemented, lines
    painted, and brought buses into those yard, all three of my co-workers has passed on, but thank to the 4 of us those yards existed, then in 78' I proceeded my employment, not at LAUSD, but it was
    LACSD, Los Angeles City School District, so now You need to find a City Patch.

  • Tanner Nowacki (Tuesday, June 09 15 12:08 am EDT)

    You never chased the bus or never got us late and enjoy the rest of your life

  • Monte' Hill (Saturday, April 27 13 04:18 pm EDT)

    My name is Monte' Hill and I am a former Laidlaw and LAUSD driver. I drove for Laidlaw St Andrews yard from 1985-1986 and the District from 1986-1989. My busses at Laidlaw were 4143 and 4455, out of
    Reseda High and Granada Hills High. At the district I started as a Light driver in 1808 out of Banneker,,Lupe Ramirez was my ABS I then drove either for Ms. McBride or the school was named
    McBride,,,I forget ABS 60 on the Westside,,the busses parked at the school,,,worst ABS I ever had and I drove for Mr. Alford at Reseda!!!!,,,When I went Heavy I drove 3052 out of Kennedy High for
    Shirley Miller and then 3133 out of Henry Jr for David Gonzalez. My career was cut short by stupidity on my part,,,,but I guess that just adds to the memories,,,My first bus driver was Kool Azz Mr.
    Edwards in bus 3176 out of Milliken Jr,,,with his apple cap and toothpick in his mouth,,,,him and Mr. Horne in 3175 and a female in 3174.We also had 3173 and possibly even 3172, the AABS, a Mr. Magoo
    looking old guy drove one of them. I used to act up on the bus and Mr. Edwards made me sit up front,,and to this day,,,I thank him for that,,,,I used to watch his every move and picked up all the bus
    driver tricks,,,,flashing headlights to let other busses over,,,,flashing clearance lites to say thank you,,,,,how he double clutched,,,,,,how he changed gears everytime the tach hit 20,,,my next bus
    driver wasnt very much of a school bus driver but she was very easy on the eyes,,,,Daphne Gordon in Taylor bus 212,,,that was the oldest raggediest bus I ever rode bus must have been a 1960 something
    with the wigwag and red brake handle. Ms. Gordon was constantly scratching gears and I remember one time going to Columbus Jr when she turned too wide on a left turn and had to back the bus up in the
    middle of the turn,,,her and Mr. Pearl in bus 216 was thick as thieves,,,,although one day Ms. Gordon showed up in bus 296 back then it must have been brand new,,,,she showed her ass in that bus I
    gotta say,,,,,shifted gears like butta,,,,my next driver was Mr. Michael Elias in bus 2580 he and a female driver in 2581 used to both p/u at Weemes Elem going to Columbus,,,in my 10th grade year I
    rode Associated bus 4119 Mr. Patrick McGee,,Mr. McGee was a kool bus driver,,he drove well and had a decent bus with a radio,,in 11th grade I rode with a few drivers out of Canoga Park High,,,Mr. Sam
    Dulin who was a speed deamon,,,Mr. Church and one of my favorite drivers,,,Mr. Donald Roper,,,it was Mr. Roper who made it known that if I was going to be a driver,,,LA Unified was the place to
    be,,not Laidlaw, Taylor, Mark IV or Safeway,,,the District was where the $$ was at,,,,my 1st paycheck from the District driving a van 1808 was dam near 3x my lil Laidlaw checks,,,,mr Roper was
    right!!! some of my good friends during my driving years were Veronica Harvey Light driver,,,it was her route I was first assigned at Laidlaw Reseda High while she was on pregnancy leave,,,,Mark
    Baptiste,,,he was the trainer for the school bus inspections at Laidaw St. Andrews,,,,Winston Brown and all his old war stories of how they used to paint their names on the side of the bus by the
    door,,I believe he was "Cookie Monster",,,,Kim Sibley Winstons girlfriend at Laidlaw,,,,my good old friend Dairren Jones,,who I trained with,,,I remember when during training he used to throw one of
    his arms up in the air as he was making turns,,dont know why he just did it,,Ernest Collins,,the man who taught me how to speed shift with no clutch,,,at the time he was in Taylor 107 one of those
    new Gilligs with the low windows where you could see the students legs,,not the 6000 series Gillig,,,Chris Williams who used to drive for Pinetree and then the district,,,,Dee Dee Morrison who I took
    over for when I went heavy in bus 3052,,her partner Lilly Fuller,,,,,Luwana Preston in bus 2107,,I got a ticket from CHP in 2107 one day for trying to pass gridlock on the 10 freeway by riding on the
    shoulder,,I was gon tell the officer the bus was breaking down,,,but didnt realize he was right in front of me,,,didnt have time to hit the button to kill the engine,,LOL,,,,,Denise Bailey her
    partner who was drivin out of Birmingham for Mr. Robinson,,,,Dennis Gade in 21 driving out of El Camino Real with,,,,Mr.ABS Grant Mosley,,,hell me and Grant went waay back to our old cheerleading
    days,,,dont' tell him I told y'all,,,,,Kevin Simon used to drive for Safeway,,then drove a truck for the district before going Heavy,,,old cussing Patsy Dixon in 2158 and her buddy Sharon Crutchfield
    in 6009,,,Pat Sutphin in 60,,Frank McCullough in 6021 his girlfriend in bus 36 her sister Sylvia Martinez in 3137,, June Crockerham,,,,Marlene Myles,,I remember when she first became an AABS she was
    temp assigned to Kennedy High w/Shirley Miller,,man I could go on and on,,,,Lisa Trenier in 6072 out of Grant High,,,,Lisa used to run that area when they couldn't raise the ABS or Asst Kim Grays in
    2234,,memories,,,,to this day I still love to think about "the good old days",,,thanks to those of you who created this website I'm loving it

  • Pat Brown ( R1) (Friday, April 13 12 06:41 pm EDT)

    my experience on becoming a bus driver was I relocated from Chicago and on a whim i decided to stay here if I got a job. I was hired as radio telephone operator because they started the program PWT.
    I got a lot of training while sitting in the radio room and wanted to get out. I had an instructor named Mr. John Brown and he taught me on the 66 passenger bus. I wanted to quit, but he refused to
    hearit. Mr. Burnley told me if left to him I would never be a driver and because of that statement I persevered. I have a number of fellow workers that I am deeply indebted to for having made being a
    School Bus Driver one of the best if not fullfilling position there is. I wish all continue health and blessings.

  • Wanda Jackson (Scott) (Friday, March 09 12 01:12 pm EST)

    I attended Chatsworth High School from 1983-1986. I was one of the ladies of the 80's and I must say I had the best bus driver ever! Mr. Harris would wait for me to come racing down the street at the
    last minute. He would let me sit right behind him and select which radio station we would listen to0 . He was the best! However, there were a few times Mr. Harris went right on without me and I had
    to head over to Mr. Daniels, Mr. Gardner, Mr. P, Ms. Sibley and good old Mr. Harley's bus. They were all great and fun to ride with. Thanks so much to all of you for being such great drivers, keeping
    us safe from all hurt, harm and danger. I hope everyone is doing well and I wish you all the best!

  • Morton Washington (Wednesday, March 07 12 03:42 pm EST)

    My first Bus Driver was Mr Matthew (Matt) Thomas. He always transported our athletic teams at San Fernando High cira 1969-1971. I was always fascinated on who he handled this magnificent vehicle...I
    was hooked.

  • Brian Hairston (Monday, March 05 12 08:39 am EST)

    I am sorry that I forgot one cool cat. Mr. Larry Kirk. Drove out of Nobel Jr., bus 3210 or 3230. My 8th and 9th grade. I had wood shop and use to make big projects. Mr. Kirk use to use his crown key
    to open the BOOT of the bus...rear compartment. I use to think...what the heck was he talking about and what is a crown key.

    LOL... When I was assigned bus 6215 'my second year at the district. Mr. Kirk met me at the Sun Valley bus wash rack.

    He brought me chrome for my wheels. He helped me put them on and stood back and said.

    "If anyone could get a new bus, after being at the district for one year it would be you Brian.". He laughed and starting walking away and said. Hell, I have been here my whole life and I just got my
    first new bus. We then both started laughing.

  • Earcee L. Huguley (Thursday, February 23 12 01:49 pm EST)

    I was introduced to bus driving by Lynn Coley-Reed. I applied at Taylor Bus Service and started training classes. Now it's time for Behind the Wheel, as we are waiting for our trainers, a young lady
    walks up and says "Good Morning, I will be your Trainer", my name is Luawana Preston. she had this sparkling clean shiny Crown 265. I remember her saying " don't ride my clutch and I don't want to
    see any red paint on my tires." We or I drove and drove seemed like forever.The day finally came to go to CHP,I was fine until the officer Richard Contreras, got on the bus. Bus and brake inspection
    check, driving almost perfect until I hit a curb making a right onto the freeway(at least the paint wasn't red) continued driving back to the office, and I had to drive thru Gardena Highs Graduation,
    parents and Students everywhere. I made it back. Contreras issued Cynthia Banks her certificate and held mine in his hand,knowing that he failed me and I would have to come back I just looked out the
    window,Officer Contreras said " Anybody who can drive thru that madness and not hit anyone, grind a gear or panic has truly been trained well and can handle any situation and deserves this
    certificate.. YES.!!!! That afternoon June 17th 1980 I was a school bus driver and drove Ms. Preston's PM Rt from Sutter MS. I stayed at Taylor 6 more years and then was hired by LAUSD.31 years of
    accident free driving, because I learned from one of the best. Here we are today as I am ending my bus driving career of early rising and late sign offs , saying Thank you to My Sistah My Friend
    Lynn, and THANK YOU to one of the Best Driver Trainers ever, Luawana Cynthia Preston..

  • Thomas L. Starke (Tuesday, February 21 12 07:49 pm EST)

    Bill Gardner and I go way back to 1976. Bill was working for Ladner and Davidson and I was working for old Community Bus Systems in Culver City. Anyway,Bill and I met on a flight to Sacramento, Ca.
    to become State Instructors. We had no ideawe were going to the same place until we struck up a conversation. We had a great time and remained close over the years

  • Brian Hairston (Monday, February 20 12 08:42 am EST)

    This might take a little while, as I was a PWT and MAGNET student from 1976 till 1986.  Then in 1986 on my 18th birthday, while attending CSUN.  I became a school bus driver myself.
     Moving on to be Director of Transportation for Tobinworld Schools after being a part of LAUSD, as a driver and a member of the BUSTER TEAM.  (SRP).  Then on to serve in several
    management and leadership positions for FedEx Freight, Inc. and other transportation companies. 

    My list will start with the names of the drivers and companies they drove for....I might even remember the bus number and type of bus.

    1.  Rick Bullete - Associated - drove a bread box 78 pax....pusher, engine in the rear. Devonshire Elementary.

    2.  Eugene Durham Bus 3064 Gillig - Nobel Jr. 

    3.  Ted Pye Bus 3230 Nobel Jr. and Chatsworth Hi

    4.  Clarence Hutchinson - Covered for months Nobel Jr. Bus 3054 Gillig (CHROME EVERY WHERE AND WEST COAST MIRRORS CHROME)

    5.  Kim Sibilly Now JENKINS - Laidlaw bus 4828 and 4444 Chatsworth High

    6.  Donald Wilkes - 2178 LAUSD Chatsworth High

    7.  Ana Gerke - LAIDLAW OR TAYLOR Nobel Jr.  

    8.  LAUSD Bus 3210 He became director at Colton Unified...can not remember his name. Was dispatcher one for years.  Devonshire Elementary 1978-1979

    9.  Mr. Cotton drove unit 1977 bread box....Devonshire Elementary.  1977 yup! Bus and year the same.

    10.  Loretta Fisher - Bus 3210 LAUSD Chatsworth High 1984 or 85

    11.  Dennis Gade LAUSD bus 21... Chatsworth High.  My first year at LAUSD as a driver we worked with Gail Corrington out of El Camino Real.

    12.  Mr. Harris - Chatsworth High

    13.  Mr. Martin TRAINER - Laidlaw.  Went on to LAUSD

    14.  Mr. Lonnie Giles - BUS 129 - in 1978 Devonshire Elementary

    15.  Mr. Gatewood....TAYLOR BUS SERVICE.  Did not talk at all, but played 1580 KDAY all the way from John Muir to Devonshire Elementary.  Bus 192T FAST....it had jake brakes on it! The
    bus would growl.  I think it was a ten speed.

    There are about five more drivers that I can not think of their names but can see their faces. Once my memory sorts them out I will pos them here.  All of the drivers listed above drove me for
    more than three months.  There were a number of countless cover drivers fora day or a week that drove me as well.  Such as Winston Brown LAIDLAW bus 4444 Chatworth High. 

    Brian Hairston. http://www.facebook.com/hairstonbrian.

  • Linda Pogacnik (Sunday, February 19 12 03:10 pm EST)

    Love those comments! I want to Tag my first Driver Trainer(s). I had been a waitress for 11 years, and decided I wanted to be a School Bus Driver. Applied at Associated in 1976. Dennis Gade and Wanda
    Weber were two of my first Driver trainers. Dennis was teaching 'Dead Throttle Start' in a Conventional in the hills of Tarzana or Encino, not sure which. Dennis was in the stairwell and Wanda on the
    first seat. I was really scared, maybe even a little panicky. Dennis said very calmly and reassuringly, "just take a deep breath", Wanda pipes in with "he says that to all the girls". We all (other
    students on bus)had a great laugh, and it calmed the situation. Thanks Dennis for the memories

  • Jacqueline Elliott (Hill) (Saturday, February 18 12 02:15 pm EST)

    It's me again. 1979-1982 I went to Reseda High. I rode with John Martin, Marlene Myles, Cedric & Dashe Nolan, Selam Long Williamson, Leo Williamson, Gloria Williams, Paul Harley and Hector Tito
    Flores just to name a few. One of the above used to sneek us off campus to go to Pionner Chicken, but I'll never tell who. Vic Sutphen was the AABS and Harry Alfred the ABS. All of the above are the
    reason I became a bus driver too. Just hanging out with them was so cool and watching Leo shift those gears without a clutch and using only two fingers (wow) not to mention that stroll he had. I miss
    them all! Those that have departed us, may you rest in peace.

  • Jacqueline Elliott (Hill) (Saturday, February 18 12 02:07 pm EST)

    I went to Sequoia Jr from 1976-1979 I rode with Marilyn Tyson my first year(she wrote me my only citation) *&$^#$@#@%%. The next year I had Truman Hammer Head Ellison. We were on the loading zone
    one day and he forgot to set the brake when he stepped out to have a smoke, yes right in front of us. Kenyatta Cole jumped up and saved the day before we rolled into the bus in front of us. He was
    there the next day so I guess no special assignment for him. LOL. Also I guess that's why we now have to park bumper to bumper. My last year i don't recall the drivers name but he was a Russel driver
    and man he was fine. I think he got fired ater someone repoted him for nodding at the wheel

  • Bianca Sanchez (Thursday, February 16 12 01:18 am EST)

    My Amazing bus driver was Linda Pogacnik! She picked me up in the wee morning hours in the San Fernando Valley, and dropped me off at Los Angeles High School circa 1996. I have so many fond memories
    of her, but most of all I remember the warmth and wisdom with which she always spoke to me. I love her dearly, and after 10+ years I was finally able to reconnect with her. She is such a special
    person, to me and my family!

  • Byron Johnson (Sunday, February 05 12 07:31 pm EST)

    My first bus driver was Donald King who in 1977-78 school year drove me to Sutter MS. Mr. King was Mr. Cool he never really got angry even though we were a very rambunctous group. I later rode with
    Frank McCullough 1979-80, Tony Harris 1980-81 & Gladys Phillips-Perkins 1981-82. All of my bus drivers were good drivers who taught me much of what I know about dealing with children. Thanks to
    all of you

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